How to accept sign ups before the schedule is created?

With ActiveNow you can put sign up form to the classes directly on your website. They can sign up when:

  • You have already schedule for the classes and you wanna give them option to choose most suitable time for them. You can read about it more HERE;
  • The schedule is not ready yet. Based on the interest you will be able to create appropriate schedule later. You can read about it BELOW.

1. Create a new sign up group

Go to Groups and click on +Add class, Regular group class. 

Fill all the information you know. In the group name we suggest to put something what can give a general idea for your clients, e.g. Sign ups Beginners.

After going to the Schedule section choose the time frame for your classes. Next to Date 1 click on the red bin so you don’t have to fill information about specific time for the class.

We recommend to fill also Additional information. They will pop up for the clients during sign ups through your website. What kind of information your clients can expect? From our observations:

  • How long is one class?
  • How many times per week classes will take place?
  • How big the study group will be?
  • When you will confirm the starting date and schedule?

2. Add extra fields to fill in for your clients during sign up

About creating additional fields you can read HEREWhat fields might be useful? For example:

  • How many times per week a client would like to attend the class?
  • What days are most suitable for them?
  • Do they wanna be in the same group with someone else?

3. Test your sign up form

Go to Settings, Synchronization with WWW and in clikc on Preview next to you sign up form.

Fill the information and after clicking Sign up you will receive for the e-mail you gave a confirmation for the sign up- same as your clients will receive later on.

4. Check the pending sign ups list

Go to the Groups and choose the one you created sign up form. After clicking on it find the section Pending signups and confirm participants.