Automatic reminders about payment

Thanks to automatic payment reminders, clients will always know how much to pay and you will always get money on your account on time.

Turning on automatic reminders

To turn on payment reminders contact your advisor.

After that, reminders will be send to your clients.

Configuration of the automatic reminders

Click on Edit and choose:

  1. When to remind about the payment
  • First day of the month – if your clients pay monthly, it’s probably the best option
  • Every Monday
  • Every day
  1. Title of e-mail
  2. E-mail content by using codes:
  • {{CLIENT}} – recipient’s name
  • {{PARTICIPANT}} – full name of the participant
  • {{AMOUNT}} – arrears amount
  • {{SCHOOL}} – your school’s name
  • {{PAYMENT}} – button with a link to online payments

Note: Button only works if online payments are configured
Note2: E-mail codes works only in content part, not in title
IMPORTANT: Automatic reminders are sent to ALL customers in the system with underpayment (both active and inactive).

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