Automatic reminders about reclaimed classes

It’s a common situation that a person who signed up for class reclaiming forgets about it. With ActiveNow you can send an automatic reminder.

Turning on automatic reminders

Go to Settings, Communication and move the slider next to Reminders about reclaiming.

From now on, reminders will be send to your clients.

Configuration of the automatic reminders

Click on Edit and choose:

  1. When to remind about the class
  • The day before or on the day of class
  • What time
  1. Title of e-mail
  2. Select the content of the email using the codes below, which will substitute the appropriate value depending on the recipient (these codes do not work in the title):
  • {{CLIENT}} – recipient’s name
  • {{PARTICIPANT}} – full name of the participant
  • {{CLASS}} – date and time of the class
  • {{VENUE}} – location
  • {{SCHOOL}} – your school’s name