Has my e-mail / text message been delivered to the client?

How to check if the information we sent to our clients has reached them for sure?

The tab – Communication is used for this. We are shown the entire history of sent e-mails and text messages.

E-mails history

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In the history of e-mail communication, we have delivery statuses on the right. They show what stage the shipment is at the moment.

Types of statuses:

  • Accepted – the e-mail is sent, but we do not know exactly what is happening to it. E-mails appear in this status for a short time after being sent.
  • Delivered – confirmation that the e-mail has been delivered to the recipient.
  • Temporary failure– e-mail rejected by the recipient’s server, but will be sent again
  • Permanent failure – e-mail fully rejected, it usually happens in the case of sending an e-mail to a non-existent mailbox. To limit the appearance of this status, invalid e-mail addresses will be blocked.

Texts history

In texts history, we have all sent messages, sending date, recipient, content and delivery status shown.

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In the event of an incorrect shipment, the status will show the message Undelivered.