How ActiveNow works in the terms of GDPR?

What is GDPR?

From 25th May 2018, European Union validated new privacy and personal data protection laws. From then on, each company must obtain approval from clients if they will collect, store or process their data. The customer, however, has more control over shared information, can have access to them at any time and has the ability to edit, transfer or permanently remove them from the database of the company.

Admin vs. person who is processing data

In the context of new laws, from the legal side we should distinguish two concepts:

  1.  Admin – person who owns data. Admin collects information from the clients and informs them why the information are needed and if they will be processed in any way.
  2. Person who is processing data – person which is cooperating with the administrator in order to support its operation.


Referring the above – mentioned terms to ActiveNow and our cooperation with schools:

  1.  Admin of the data remains the school which collects them for administrative purposes.
  2.  ActiveNow is only supporting processing data.

GDPR and client’s rights

  1. See how the company is processing data;
  2. In case of mistake edit information;
  3. Transfer personal data at any time;
  4. Request the right to be forgotten, i.e. permanently remove information from the company’s database.

With ActiveNow you don’t have to be afraid of GDPR!

In connection to GDPR regulations each client of ActiveNow (including participant and instructor) can:

  1. See their personal data and check if they are correct;
  2. Change the personal data;
  3. Transfer personal data if needed;
  4. In case of cancelling cooperation, delete account and be forgotten.


Nowadays, when we put the safety of our data first, the practice of notebook and database in Excel seems to be less reasonable than the electronic database, which is protected by professionals.

We care about the comfort of our clients, so they can fully manage the data they entrusted to our company.