How to add a customer to a group?

You can add a client to a group in three ways.

1. By group editing

Select a Group in the list or from the calendar. After entering Group Details, select Class Edit.

Then you will see the Participants section at the end of the form. Add clients of your choice.

Image 2021-04-27 at 5.29.49 PM

** from this view you can also configure their individual prices or payment methods.

2. From the Participants list

Select the clients you want to add to the group. Then select Mass action, Add to group.

Screen Recording 2021-04-27 at PM

3. From the view of a specific customer

While you are in the profile of a specific client, select Actions on the client – Add to group.

Screen Recording 2021-04-27 at PM

Additionally, in the appearing window, you can add the day from which you want to add client for the given class.