How to change user role via menu?

Are you school admin and at the same time your child attends additional classes at another facility? Or maybe your child attends several extracurricular groups in various schools?

Now, thanks to ActiveNow, you can have it all in one place! The system allows you to change the user role, thanks to which you can move from the parent’s panel to the instructor or school administrator. In addition, you also have the option to go between schools to view your children’s graphics or check your settlements.

How to open role change menu?

To open the role change menu, click on your profile logo in the upper right corner. In the menu that appears select Change role.

At the top of the page, a tab with your roles in the system will open.

How to add your instructor / client panel at school where you are admin?

If you want to add your instructor panel or a client panel at the school where you are an admin, you have to take standard steps and then send an invitation to the ActiveNow system.

You can read about how to create an instructor panel HERE.

You can read about how to create a client panel HERE.

Remember, however, in order for panels display in one place: the e-mail address you registered in the system as an administrator must be the same as the e-mail address for instructor / client panel.

How do you add your instructor / client panel to another school?

If you are also an instructor at another school and would like to have a preview of your calendar there, or if your child attends several schools and you would like to manage settlements from one place, you can take the following steps:

  • If the school you want to add panel to is registered in ActiveNow – contact school admin and ask for invitation to use the ActiveNow system.
  • If the school you want to add panel to is not registered in ActiveNow – open the role change panel, click Add another school icon and fill in the contact information about the school. The ActiveNow team will contact the recommended school and will try to implement the system, and you will be able to manage everything in one place. 😊