How to configure Stripe?

Step 1. Enable online payments

To start online payments, go to Settings. In the Additional features section, enable Online payment option.

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Step 2. Payment settings

In the ActiveNow school panel, go to Settings> Online Payments.

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You will be able to activate it in three places in the system. Choose the ones you want to apply.

  • Payments via the client panel: Activating this option will show your customers a button in their panel that allows them to make online payments
  • E-mail payment: Activating this option will allow you to send e-mails to your customers with a link to the payment. You can send such a message in the Participants list by selecting customers or in a specific Participant via the Send payment link button. 
  • Payments during online sign up: Customers who register for classes via the registration form on your website will be able to pay at the end of registration. Making a payment will automatically guarantee them a place in class.

Step 3.  Registration in Stripe

Activating online payments requires a contract between your club / school and Stripe – the payment provider. If you do have a Stripe account, press the Register likewise. It allows you to connect to your existing account

You will then be redirected to the Stripe registration form, where you must provide information about your company and confirm it.

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Step 5. Online payments configured

After finishing registration and vericiation process in Stripe you are ready to collect payments. 

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Note: it is recommended to make an test online payment (for instance for a small amount of money). 

If you have started but not fully configured registration you can finish it later.

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