How to enter instructors substitutions?

With ActiveNow you can also include substitutions of your instructors when needed.

1. Turn on Instructors substitutions

Tu turn of this option go to Settings, General. In the Additional functionalities section find Instructors substitutions and move the slider to Yes.

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2. Include substitutions in the calendar

To mark your instructor’s replacement go to Calendar. Choose the class you wanna chage instructor for and click on Manage this class. In the bottom find the Instructors substitutions section and switch the instructors. After that Save the changes.

3. Substitutions will be included in reports

Substitutions will be also included in the reports you can later on generate.

How to create hourly report for your instructors you can read HERE.

You can also create a report just for substitutions. Go to Reports, Instructors substitutions reports and generate report from the time fram you are interested in.

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4. Instructors can also see the substitutions

As an instructor you can also see the substitutions. After logging in to your instructor panel, go to Substitutions.

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