Tracking the conversion of an sign-up form

Advanced function – implementation of this function requires technical knowledge

If you use ads on Google or Facebook, you know how important it is to choose the right target group for your ads.

Both Google and Facebook offer the possibility of optimising your target audience by tracking which ads have converted into purchases of your service. To make use of these, Google provides the Tracking Tag and Facebook the FB Pixel.

The ActiveNow registration form allows you to track conversions using the above tools. We highly encourage you to use them. It allows you to reduce advertising budgets while increasing new acquisitions.

What information does the form send?

The ActiveNow form uses the window.postMessage() method to send information about actions made in the form. The function is called with a name that characterises what event took place:

  • activenowDetailsLoaded – Wysyłany po wybraniu przez klienta interesujących zajęć. Stosować można jako odpowiednik Dodania do Koszyka w eCommerce (np. Facebook – Add to cart)
  • activenowFormSubmitted – Wysyłany po uzupełnieniu wszystkich wymaganych pól i wysłaniu zgłoszenia na zajęcia. Stosować można jako odpowiednik złożenia zamówienia w eCommerce (np. Facebook – Submit application)

Receiving information from a form

To receive the information sent by the Form, use the window.addEventListener(“message”) method, and recognize the type of message that was sent. Sample JavaScript code that you can use:

window.addEventListener("message", messageReceived, false);

function messageReceived(e)
    if ( == 'activenowDetailsLoaded' ) {
        // Launching a relevant Facebook or Google event
    if ( == 'activenowFormSubmitted' ) {
        // Launching a relevant Facebook or Google event

Sending information to Google/Facebook

Where described as Calling the relevant Facebook or Google event, enter the relevant Tracking Tag or FB Pixel code. You can find more information here:

The ActiveNow team will not be able to perform the technical implementation of the above functionality on your site.