What are the available options for class reclaiming?

As the school admin with ActiveNow, you can easily manage reclaimed classes.

How it is working?

Participants have to report absence, after that they will receive a notification about possible classes to reclaim.

Turning on sign up for the reclaiming classes for the participants

After signing your school in ActiveNow system reporting absence and signing up for reclaiming is automatically off. To turn this functions on for the participants go to Settings, Classes reclaiming and move the slider.

The new panel should appear.

Managing reported absence

In the panel above we can turn on and off if participants can:

-cancel class on their own (report absence)

-sign up for reclaiming class on their own

Reclaimed classes per term

Another option is to manage the reclaimed classes per term. What is it about?

If you will allow your participants for example for 5 absences per term, it would be good if from the beginning of new term the number of reported absences would go back to 5. That’s why you can set up separate terms to reclaim classes and for each decide on:

  • limit for reporting absences;
  • how long in advance the absence has to be reported.

Individual information about reclaiming classes

In the participant tab you can see:

  • how many absences can be reported within term;
  • how many classes to reclaim are available;
  • which classes client cancelled within the term (the classes from the previous season are visible in grey colour).

Clients can also see the information above after signing in to the client panel.