Reporting and making up for absences

If reporting absences and reclaiming classes are possible in your school, you can easily manage those with ActiveNow.

How to turn on reporting and making up for absences?

After the school is registered in the ActiveNow, the functions of ‘reporting absences’ and “class reclaiming” are disabled by default.

You can enable this option in General Settings and Additional Features. As a result, a new tab is created:

Image 2021-04-23 at 2.55.44 PM

Self-service through the customer panel

In the above tab, we can enable and disable the options whether the customer can:

  1. independently report your absence in group classes
  2. self-report your absence from individual classes
  3. sign up for reclaiming for another date in group classes

Rules for reporting absences

The next section allows you to set the main rules when reporting an absence.

1. When can a customer report an absence correctly?

Here you can define how many hours before the class the client can report his absence so that he can make up for it later. After a correctly reported absence, the customer will receive an “impulse” that she or he can use to reclaim classes.

2. How many absences from group classes can you make up for?

This is the maximum number of activities that the client will be able to make up for. After reporting absences from a given group more times than the set limit, no further “impulses” for making up will be given.

* IMPORTANT You can change this limit individually in each group! Details can be found HERE.

3. By when can you make up for your absence?

Until the end of the class –  “impulses” are assigned to a specific group. If your clients report their absence from the classes, they will have the opportunity to make up for them on the day the classes end at the latest.

* If your clients report their absence on the last day of these classes – it will not be possible to sign up for a new date. To sign up for a make-up in such a situation, the customer should contact you directly.

X days from reporting the absence – “Impulses” will be valid for a specified number of days from the date of reporting the absence. If your client wants to sign up for the reclaiming at a later date, they will have to arrange this directly with you.

4. How does reclaiming sign up works?

A person with a reported absence can sign up for doing homework via the customer panel. The suggested dates will be available in the tab Making up for absences.

The client will be able to sign up for ongoing group classes at her or his proficiency, with free spots.